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25 January 2013

New video for A.A. Wallace - "This Can Heal."

Download the single from Soundcloud.

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26 January 2012

Science Pickle 2001 from on Vimeo.

The adult store was having a sale on glass eyeballs.

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31 December 2009

First impressions, being the longest lasting, are of utmost importance.

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10 June 2009

Eyelevel Gallery and HAC (the Halifax Audio Club) present their latest Listening Cinema project:


Audio Bathhouse is an offsite audio and video presentation taking place on June 10th from 8pm-midnight at SeaDog’s Sauna & Spa in Halifax. This one night event will occur in tandem with the Sound Bytes Festival, and will be open to the general public (+19) for an audio art experience like no other. Featured artists include: Daryn Boyd, Philip Clark, Michael Fernandes, Carrie Gates, Francois Gaudet, Ian MacTilstra, Dawn Matheson, and Nic Spicer.

Sea Dog’s is an active 2-level bathhouse. The space consists of several rooms (including 23 private rooms, a dark bondage room, a sauna, a whirlpool, etc). For this event, The Halifax Audio Club has programmed site-specific audio and video works that will be setup in various spaces throughout the bathhouse.

Participating Audience members can choose to attend this event clothed or unclothed (you may bring a bathing suit) and towels and lockers will be provided.

Entry fee is $5.00 or $3.00 for students/low-wage. All participants must be over 19 years of age to attend.

For more information contact: Eryn Foster or Michael McCormack at Eyelevel Gallery.
Visit our website:

Seadogs Sauna and Spa is located at:
2199 Gottingen St. Halifax (right beside Halifax Backpackers)
Facebook event:

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1 February 2008

It was love at first feel.

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8 January 2008

Now I'm going to show you where to put it.

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19 December 2006

I want you to love me for who I am.

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23 September 2006

If I had you once, I'm gonna have you twice.

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19 August 2006

Do I really want to hurt you?

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23 May 2006

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I'm sailing home on the cold, dark Atlantic.

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22 February 2006

I want to feel you from the inside.

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21 February 2006

Do anything you want with me.

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20 February 2006

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I can't go back to the party looking like this.

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17 February 2006

Tell me I'm pretty.

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5 February 2006

Can we please just take it slow.

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2 February 2006

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Eternity, my friend, is a long fucking time.

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5 December 2005

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27 October 2005

I sunk my eyes in static.

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24 October 2005

"Wanna try a few things?"

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